Hey guys! I'm a 16 year old christian norwegian just living life :)

Things I love:
Music. friends. family. dancing. piano-playing. singing(!). God & Jesus. pictures. nature. life.

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thanks for sticking byyyy
A Christian man who takes the lead in sexual purity, and who tells the woman that her heart means more to him than her body, and her purity is more valuable to him than his own pleasure, liberates her from a cruel bondage and gives her a blessing that words can hardly describe.

-wait for this man. (via proverbs31v25)



sometimes i forget that i’ll have to pay for internet in the future


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What if?

I bet we grow closer to god! God instructs in James 4:8 to draw near to him and he will draw near to us.
We can get moments of happiness anywhere, but joy comes from the Lord.